Medicalgorithmics Joins sWIG80 Index on Warsaw Stock Exchange

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Medicalgorithmics Joins sWIG80 Index on Warsaw Stock Exchange

Medicalgorithmics, an innovative medical technology company, announced its inclusion in the sWIG80 index, after indices revision on March 17th.

The sWIG80 index comprises 80 companies listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, ranked highest after WIG20 and mWIG40. Medicalgorithmics has been listed on the GPW Main Market since 2014.

“Our growth strategy centers around leveraging our innovative AI technology to revolutionize ECG monitoring and cardiac CT analytics in the USA and Canada. We recently outlined the key points of this strategy in our BioFund Capital Management LLC investment presentation, and we’re excited to share even more details with our investors as we reach milestones like terminating React exclusivity, hiring a VP of Sales in North America, and now joining the sWIG80 index. Our top priority is regaining the trust of our shareholders, and we believe that our cutting-edge technology and strategic approach will help us achieve this goal. We invite all interested investors to learn more about our growth strategy and join us on this exciting journey,” says Maciej Gamrot, CFO of Medicalgorithmics.

Medicalgorithmics is particularly focused on commercializing its products in the United States and Canada in addition to Europe and Asia. In March, the company hired a new Director of Sales and Business Development for North America, James Landis, to accelerate long-term growth and increase sales in the North American market. This move is part of the company’s new strategy for the US market.

In January 2023, Medicalgorithmics entered the United Kingdom market with its technology after signing a strategic distribution agreement with the largest British provider of heart monitoring and EKG analysis services. Earlier, the company signed an agreement for distribution of its products and solutions in Israel.

With inclusion in the sWIG80 index, Medicalgorithmics demonstrates its strong potential for growth and innovation in the medical technology sector. The company’s focus on expanding its presence in key strategic markets and hiring top talent aligns with its commitment to delivering value to shareholders and achieving long-term success.


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