Current reports

Registration of the share capital increase

Current Report No 54/2021

Date: 15/12/2021

Legal basis: Article 56(1)(2) of the Act on Public Offering – current and periodical information

The Management Board of Medicalgorithmics S.A. (“Company”) hereby informs that on December 15, 2021 received information on December 15, 2021 by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, about the entry in the register of entrepreneurs concerning the Company’s share capital increase from PLN 432 782,90 to PLN 497 638,50 as a result of the issuance of 648 556 series H ordinary bearer shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.10 each.

The capital increase was implemented on the basis of Resolution No. 11/01/2021 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company of October 26, 2021 regarding (i) increasing the Company’s share capital by issuing new series G ordinary bearer shares and depriving existing shareholders of their entire subscription right all new series G shares, (ii) dematerialisation and applying for admission and introduction of new series G shares and rights to series G shares to trading on the regulated market operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange and (iii) amendments to the Company’s Articles of Association.

As at the date of publication of this report, the total number of votes resulting from all issued shares of the Company is 4 976 385, while the Company’s share capital consists of 4 976 385, ordinary shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.10 each, including 1,747,200 series A ordinary shares, 508,200 series B ordinary shares, 236,926 series C ordinary shares, 929,600 series D ordinary shares, 33,600 series E ordinary shares, 151,000 series F ordinary shares, 721,303 series G ordinary shares, and 648,556 series H ordinary shares.

Pursuant to the above § 5 clause 1 and 2 of the Company’s Articles of Association changes as follows:

“ 1. The share capital of the Company amounts to PLN 497,638.50 (four hundred and ninety-seven thousand six hundred and thirty-eight zlotys and fifty groszy).

2. The share capital of the Company consists of 4,976,385 (four million nine hundred seventy six thousand three hundred eighty five) ordinary shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.10 (ten groszy) each, including:

a) 1,747,200 (one million seven hundred and forty seven thousand two hundred) series A shares,

b) 508,200 (five hundred and eight thousand, two hundred) series B shares,

c) 236,926 (two hundred and thirty-six thousand, nine hundred and twenty-six) series C shares,

d) 929,600 (nine hundred and twenty-nine thousand and six hundred) series D shares,

e) 33,600 (thirty three thousand six hundred) series E shares,

f) 151,000 (one hundred fifty one thousand) series F shares,

g) 721,303 (seven hundred and twenty-one thousand, three hundred and three) series G shares,

h) 648,556 (six hundred and forty-eight thousand five hundred and fifty-six) series H shares. ”