Current reports

Information on the conclusion of contracts for the acquisition of series H ordinary shares


Current report no. 52/2021

Date: 3.12.2021

Legal basis: Legal basis: Art. 17 sec. 1 of MAR – confidential information

With reference to the current report No. 24/2021 and previous reports on the increase of the share capital through the issue of series H shares (“Series H Shares”), the Management Board of Medicalgorithmics S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw (“Company”, “Issuer”) hereby informs that the Company has received information today about the acceptance by investors of the offers submitted by the Company for a total of 648,556 (six hundred and forty-eight thousand five hundred and fifty-six) Series H Shares, therefore the Company hereby informs that it has concluded agreements with investors for the subscription of 648,556 (six hundred and forty-eight thousand five hundred and fifty-six) Series H Shares with the total value understood as the product of the number of Series H Shares subscribed for and the Series H Share issue price of PLN 18.00 (eighteen) per one Series H Share in the amount of PLN 11,674,008.00 (eleven million six hundred seventy four thousand eight zlotys 00/100).

Moreover, the Issuer’s Management Board informs that the required cash contributions to cover the Series H Shares have been made in full.

The advisors in the offer of the Company’s Series H Shares were: (i) Q Securities S.A. , who acted as the Offer Manager and Bookrunner, and (ii) CC Group sp.z o.o., who acted as the Company’s financial advisor.


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