Current reports

Summary of the series H ordinary bearer share issue

Current report No. 5/2022

Date: 31.01.2022 r.

Legal basis: Article 56 Section 1 Point 2 of the Act on Public Offering – current and periodical information

With reference to the previous current reports regarding the increase of the share capital through the issue of series H shares (“Series H Shares”), the Management Board of Medicalgorithmics S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw (“Company”, “Issuer”) provides information on the completed subscription of Series H Shares.

1. Date of start and end of subscription or sale:

The Bookbuilding process was carried out on November 15-24, 2021, while the H Series Shares subscription agreements were concluded until December 3, 2021.

2. Date of allocation of securities:

The Company’s Management Board allocated the Series H Shares on December 3, 2021.

3. Number of securities subscribed for or sold:

The subject of the subscription was up to 865.565 (eight hundred sixty five thousand five hundred sixty five) Series H Shares.

4. Rate of reduction in individual tranches, if in at least one tranche the number of securities allocated was less than the number of securities for which subscriptions were made:

Not applicable.

5. Number of securities subscribed for under subscription or sale:

No entries were made within the meaning of the Commercial Companies Code. Under the Offer 648.556 (six hundred forty eight thousand five hundred fifty six) Series H Shares were subscribed for on the basis of Series H Shares subscription agreements.

6. Number of securities allocated under the subscription or sale:

As a part of the Offer 648.556 (six hundred forty eight thousand five hundred fifty six) Series H Shares were taken up and allocated on the basis of Series H Shares subscription agreements.

7. Price at which the securities were taken up:

Series H Shares were taken up at the issue price of PLN 18.00 (eighteen zlotys 00/100) for one Series H Share.

8. Number of persons who subscribed for the subscription or sale of securities in individual tranches:

Not applicable. The offer was not divided into tranches and no subscription for Series H Shares was accepted. Under the Offer 648.556 (six hundred forty eight thousand five hundred fifty six) Series
H Shares were subscribed on the basis of Series H Shares subscription agreements.

9. Number of persons to whom securities were allocated under the subscription or sale in individual tranches:

As a part of the Offer Series H Shares were allocated to 11 persons.

10. The name (business name) of the underwriters who acquired the securities as part of the performance of the underwriting agreements, including the number of securities they subscribed for, together with the actual price of the security unit constituting the issue price or sale, after deducting the remuneration for taking up the security unit, in the performance of a underwriting agreement, acquired by the underwriter:

Not applicable. The issue of Series H Shares was not the subject of an underwriting obligation.

11. The value of the subscription or sale, understood as the product of the number of securities covered by the offer and the issue price or sale price:

The value of the Offer was PLN 11,674,008.00 (eleven million six hundred seventy four thousand eight zlotys 00/100).

12. The amount of the total costs that have been included in the costs of the issue as including:

a) preparation and carrying out of the offer: PLN 581 850.20,

b) the remuneration of the subissuers, separately for each: not applicable,

c) drawing up a prospectus and a supplement taking into account the costs of advice: not applicable,

d) promotion of the offer: not applicable,

e) other: 33 481,06 PLN.

The total costs as above-mentioned are PLN 615 331.26 (six hundred fifteen thousand three hundred thirty one złotys 26/100).

Methods for settlement of costs in the books and the manner of their inclusion in the Issuer’s financial statements:

In accordance with MSR 1 and MSR 32, the costs of issuing Series H Shares were settled in the books by reducing the excess issue value of the issued shares over their nominal value. The Company reduced the reserve capital from the excess issue price over the obtained sale price of Series H Shares by the total costs, i.e. by PLN 615 331.26.

13. Average cost of subscription or sale per unit of security covered by the subscription or sale:

Total cost of the subscription incurred by the Company per one Series H Share is PLN 0.95.

Costs have been rounded to two decimal places.

14. Method of payment for subscribed (purchased) securities:Series H Shares were acquired only in exchange for cash contributions.

Detailed legal basis: § 16 section 1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 29 March 2018 on current and periodic information provided by issuers of securities and the conditions for recognition as equivalent information required by the law of a non-Member State (current information).


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