Current reports

Information on ceasing to report the number of payment requests from insurers in the U.S.

Current report no.: 36/2022

Date: 13.06.2022

Legal basis: Article 17.1 MAR – confidential information



The Management Board of Medicalgorithmics S.A. (“Issuer”, “Company”) hereby informs about ceasing to report monthly sales data realized by its subsidiary Medi-Lynx Cardiac Monitoring LLC (“Medi-Lynx”).

The reason for the discontinuation of data publication is due to actions taken by the Company’s management to sell selected assets of Medi-Lynx. The Company’s intention, as described in detail in RB Nos. 24/2022 and 30/2022, in addition to the sale of assets, is to enter into a support services and equipment sales agreement with the buyer, which provides for the Company to receive a monthly fee for providing technology services and equipment sales, including maintenance, similar to in the model of cooperation outside the USA .

In view of the above facts, in the opinion of the Management Board, making public detailed sales data of Medi-Lynx has lost its informational value.