Current reports

Completion of the negotiations of the offer to take up the Company’s shares

Current report no. 3/2022

Date: 20.01.2022

Legal basis: Legal basis: Article 17 para. 1 of MAR – confidential information

The Management Board of Medicalgorithmics S.A. (“The Company”) with reference to the current report no. 41/2021 on the commencement of negotiations on the acquisition of the Company’s shares in connection with the receipt of a preliminary, non-binding offer to acquire the Company’s shares in the increased share capital by Mr. Rafał Brzoska (“Investor”), informs that today, received a letter from the Investor informing about the withdrawal from further negotiations on a potential transaction. According to the letter received by the Company, the Investor concluded that the business conditions of the transaction, as well as the current moment of the economic cycle and the increased volatility of financial markets do not provide sufficient reasons for continuing negotiations on a potential transaction. As a consequence, the negotiations regarding the acquisition of the Company’s shares ended.

The Management Board continues the process of reviewing strategic options and optimization activities, including those aimed at sales development. About the progress in this area and possible changes in the implemented scenarios, the Company will provide information in the manner of law.