Introducing a breakthrough solution for Cardiac Rehabilitation Monitoring – now available in the U.S.

PocketECG CRS is the next generation in mobile cardiac rehabilitation monitoring. Roughly the size of a smartphone, the device combines flexible, remote intensity-controlled training with comprehensive ECG monitoring to help your patients safely recover from a cardiac event, reduce the risk of hospital readmissions and improve quality of life.

2 in 1 Capabilities

Flexible cardiac rehabilitation training

PocketECG CRS requires no special training equipment. The device measures a patient’s heart rate against previously set thresholds to guide workout intensity. The screen and voice commands instruct patients to increase or decrease training intensity based on heart rate and rhythm.

Continuous ECG monitoring and arrhythmia detection

Built on the PocketECG mobile cardiac telemetry technology, PocketECG CRS captures and streams the full disclosure ECG signal, allowing clinicians to monitor a patient’s heart rhythm during and after exercise.

Training intensity control based on heart-rate

The system guides patients in real time, instructing them via visual and voice commands, to increase or decrease workout intensity based on measured Heart Rate (HR) and an established set of HR thresholds.

True mobile cardiac rehabilitation

PocketECG CRS can be used in hospitals, outpatient settings or even remotely, when under the supervision of medical staff.

With a variety of equipment

PocketECG CRS is a flexible approach to cardiac rehabilitation. It requires no specific exercise equipment, giving clinicians and patients the ability to customize workout regimens. Patients can use treadmills, stair climbers or prescribed walking programs.

Online transmission

The device continuously streams the full disclosure ECG signal to provide online arrhythmia diagnostics and analysis.