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Medicalgorithmics Executives Purchase Company Stock

Medicalgorithmics, a leading medtech company, is proud to announce that three members of the executive management have acquired over 9,000 shares of the company. The Chief Financial Officer, Maciej Gamrot, the Chief Commercial Officer, Jarosław Jerzakowski, and the Chief Technology Officer, Przemysław Tadla, have each purchased over 3,000 shares. This transaction is a clear confirmation of their full commitment to the company’s success.

Gamrot stated, “Investing in our company’s shares is a long-term investment for the entire Executive Team, particularly given our current share price. The recent change of ownership, new US sales strategy, and new technology roadmap are expected to cement our position as a leading global provider of AI-powered medical products. We have already demonstrated our ability to execute a new strategy quickly, as evidenced by our successful sales contracts with new distributors in the UK and Israel and progress in implementing the Company’s strategy for the US market. Leveraging our vast experience in AI algorithms for autonomous analysis of ECG data (DeepRhythmAI) and cardiac CT images (VCAST technology), we are making steady progress as planned, closely collaborating with the research community. We eagerly anticipate achieving our milestones and sharing them with our investors.”

The Biofund Capital Management LLC investment has propelled the company’s growth as an innovative medtech company, utilizing its artificial intelligence expertise in the development of cutting-edge medical technologies. The Executive Team strongly believes that the new corporate strategy will strengthen Medicalgorithmics’ position in the global market.

Medicalgorithmics has recently joined the sWIG80 index after the trading session on March 17. Since 2014, the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s Main Market.



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