Medicalgorithmics SA and livetec Ingenieurbüro GmbH Announce Collaboration to Enhance Heart Monitoring Insights

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Medicalgorithmics SA and livetec Ingenieurbüro GmbH Announce Collaboration to Enhance Heart Monitoring Insights

Medicalgorithmics, a global healthcare technology company, and livetec, a leading provider of cardiac hardware devices, signed a letter of intent outlining a strategic collaboration aimed at advancing heart monitoring capabilities in several countries.

The collaboration involves integrating the Medicalgorithmics software platform (PC Client) and AI-powered analytical package (TechBot) with the livetec three channel ECG Holter system. The companies also plan to explore additional opportunities for technology development and distribution synergies.

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to play a vital role in the analysis of electrocardiogram data, Medicalgorithmics’ software platform and predictive analytics capabilities offer livetec the chance to differentiate its cardiac monitoring product line. This collaboration unites two organizations with deep industry expertise and a shared commitment to developing products that enable clinicians to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs through streamlined workflows driven by AI technology.

“The collaboration between Medicalgorithmics and livetec highlights the potential to enhance the quality and efficiency of EKG data analysis through the power of AI,” stated Jarosław Jerzakowski, Chief Commercial Officer of Medicalgorithmics. “We believe this partnership has the ability to further distinguish livetec’s products in multiple countries.” – said Jarosław Jerzakowski.

Medicalgorithmics is a global healthcare technology company specializing in AI-based diagnostic and analytic algorithms. Its mission is to revolutionize medical diagnostics worldwide by leveraging the power of AI. The company’s products enable early detection, precise diagnosis, and comprehensive monitoring of medical abnormalities to empower its customers to offer valuable clinical insights, streamline workflows, and reduce the need for human data review.livetec is a leading provider of innovative medical devices, dedicated to delivering solutions that enhance healthcare professionals’ capabilities. With a focus on quality, precision, and patient care, Livetec’s products aim to improve medical diagnostics and enhance patient outcomes.


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