In short

Medicalgorithmics S.A. is a Polish company that develops advanced systems for cardiology. Innovation is one of its main advantages –it is present both in the organization of day-to-day work and in the development process. Thanks to a multidisciplinary group of researchers and developers, Medicalgorithmics markets ground-breaking technological solutions. We develop algorithms, software and devices which are then implemented for manufacturing. It lets us provide telemedicine services – arrhythmia diagnostics and cardiac telerehabilitation supervision – to thousands of patients around the world.

The Medicalgorithmics flagship product is PocketECG, a system for heart arrhythmia diagnostics, which has been successfully used by patients in the United States for 10 years. It has become one of the most popular systems for long-term heart monitoring. So far, PocketECG has diagnosed several hundred thousand patients in the U.S. and recorded 200 million hours of heart beating.

Device concept, design and manufacturing work is performed in Medicalgorithmics manufacturing plant in Gdańsk, and software is developed by architects and developers in the Warsaw office.

Medicalgorithmics collaborates closely with strategic partners in the Americas, Australia, Asia and Europe – they provide cardiovascular diagnostic services based on the PocketECG system.  We are continuously expanding our business to new markets. The United States is the largest market for us.

Medicalgorithmics has made a significant contribution to the development of the world’s cardiac diagnostic technology industry. This, among other things, is thanks to active cooperation with Harvard–MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology to build physiological signal databases (Physionet), created and used by scientists and engineers from around the world to develop new information technologies in medicine.